Career development

Career development

Career development

Your career and development

Our strategy for Standard Life Aberdeen is ambitious, but achievable. To succeed, we need to continually develop ourselves to make sure we stay ahead of the game.

We are committed as an organisation to bringing out the best in you and having a culture which encourages your career development.

Careers and the shape they take have been changing and will continue to change. We have teams that understand this and work with business leaders to ensure we provide the best possible career management to our growing employee network.

We believe we are very much partners in your career development but it needs to be driven by you in a way that works for you. This will depend on your strengths, interests, aspirations and stage of your career.

As you progress in your career with us we offer you a range of ways to access development. We believe this starts with understanding yourself better, your motivations, aspirations and what you enjoy.

To take a positive step in your career with us. Review our live vacancies on the careers homepage.



A key principle of Standard Life Aberdeen is to offer our people tools to allow you to develop, whether that’s in your current role or one you aspire to have in the future. As we want our people to take control of their career planning by offering a wide range of platforms and we’re committed as an organisation to bringing out the best in you while having a culture that encourages your career development.


Additional Qualifications

We’re committed to helping develop employees to achieve success in their careers; including the opportunity to undertake relevant professionally recognised qualifications where appropriate. We recognise that sponsorship, in the forms of financial support and/or study support, for professional qualifications and career development, is a long-term investment in our people, and our future.