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As part of the Standard Life Aberdeen plc, Standard Life (Asia) Limited aligns with the group's value propositions in recruitment and people development. Creating a world-class investment company requires world-class talent. If you have the skills and motivation to succeed in a fast-moving, world-class business, take a look at the opportunities we can offer.


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Senior Manager, Investment Proposition

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At Standard Life Aberdeen, we have a variety of exciting opportunities across our group of companies.

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Career development
We are committed as an organisation to bringing out the best in you and having a culture which encourages your career development.

There's more to working life than coming home with a good salary. We have an environment where you can learn, get involved and be supported.


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Recruitment process
Find out more about our recruitment process and preparing for interview.

Frequently asked questions
Further information including submitting an application and what happens once you have applied.


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Contact our recruitment team

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