Perpetual Protector

Perpetual Protector protects you and your loved ones

If you are married and require supporting your family and saving for your children’s education fund, you should be well protected to ensure your family’s living standard in the event of death or income interruption due to unexpected sickness or hospitalisation, and at the same time attaining your goals.

At a glance

Product Brochure


Guaranteed renewable level term insurance
(Up to the policy anniversary on or immediately before the life insured’s
100th birthday)

Premium Type

Level premium within each policy term*

Issue Age

Age 0 (6 month) - Age 70

Maximum Protection Age

Up to age 100

Policy Term

10/ 15/ 20/ 30 years

Policy Currency


Minimum Sum Insured

HKD800,000/ USD100,000


Premium will be adjusted upon renewal according to the life insured's current attained age.

*Standard Life (Asia) Limited reserves the right to adjust the premium at each renewal, please see policy provisions for details.

The above provides only general information on this product. Please ask your financial adviser for a copy of the product brochure which will give you more details about this product including product risk disclosures.