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What is Investment Choice?

All Investment Choices offered by us are linked to the underlying funds managed by reputable investment managers. You will benefit from their expertise of the investment.

The advantages of investment in Investment Choices
  • Convenience - you can grasp global market opportunities accessibility to diverse investment.
  • Cost effectiveness - by pooling funds you save cost from doing research on your own, and enjoy free switching anytime.
  • Diversification – Investment Choices usually allow you to spread your risks by investing in worldwide market.
  • Transparency - you can easily calculate any value of investment choices from publicly available information.
Dollar-Cost Averaging

You can further reduce risk and mitigate volatility by purchasing units of investment choice in fixed dollar amount at regular intervals. You buy more units when prices are low and fewer when prices are high, meaning that in a fluctuating market you actually pay less per unit than the average unit price for the period.

The following is an example of how Dollar-Cost Averaging works in a fluctuating market:

    Regular Investment Unit Price Unit Acquired  
  Month 1 $300 $10 30  
  Month 2 $300 $5 60  
  Month 3 $300 $10 30  
  Total $900   120  
  Average cost per unit of your investment = $900 / 120 = $7.50
  Average cost per unit for the period = ($10+$5+$10) / 3 = $8.33

As you can see from this example, Dollar-Cost Averaging may enable you to benefit from long-term growth at lower cost.

This example is for illustration purpose only.

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